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The big idea or the big ideal?

Making communication relevant must be one of the biggest challenges in creating effective communication   today. But what is relevance? Is it to be entertaining, educating, delivering value or services to the recipients? Either one it is important to discuss why the consumers should bother giving us their time and money.

Working with brand planning it is quite relevant to ask yourself the big question of why is this brand actually relevant? Why would or could the world miss us if we where not here? What is the value we deliver to the consumers – and the world?

Often it is difficult to answer these questions merely looking at the products or stores. Maybe our brand or product isn’t really that much different? Maybe we are just another toothpaste. Then advertising and communication becomes even more important. Branding derived from the industrial age where products where basicly all the same and there was surplus in production. Therefore the companies needed to build brands with enhanced meaning – often just added values – to be able to enhance perceived value of the products.

We still do that. And abundance is still here. So we need to do more than just create good products.

But what do we do when fluffy values aren’t enough? Why not do something new or different. Instead of adding values, start adding a bigger ideal. Spend some time finding the meaning with life… of your product or brand. Find out what you can deliver to the world. How you can actually help the consumers by either products, services or communication. How can we add value to the world. Not only talking about the big idea – but starting talking about the big ideal. What is it we want to change? This is actually the starting point for making really good ideas.

Ogilvy started working with this approach making The big IdeaL (stupid spelling, but this is how it goes) their platform for working with big ideas. Read more at Ogilvy website and see case studies here.

Some examples:

At Wibroe, Duckert and Partners we created a campaign for BDO Denmark focusing on how BDO is fighting for the small and midsize companies rights and terms when driven their business forward.

Dove’s Campaign for real beauty is the really too much talked about –  but still needs a mention here.

Call me created a campaign called Tal ordentligt encouraging people to behave better when speaking to each other.

Jamie Oliver builded his brand on wanting to change how british people eat – and what they eat. Focusing on school food and how we educate our kids to healthy eating habits were key to massive press and good will for his personal brand and the surrounding portfolio of products. More about the Jamie Oliver School Dinner Project.



One thought on “The big idea or the big ideal?

  1. Strawberry frog hosted a great workshop on the topic at Cannes 2011.


    Posted by Frederik Bierfreund | March 14, 2012, 1:45 pm

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