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F.C. Barcelona and the sponsorship mix-up?

Being patron of the SAMS-association I have the pleasure of being invited to write a column to their magazine SAMSON. This is a great honour. SAMSON is a publication with great content and big ambitions. This editions theme was Media and Sports as prequel to this summer’s many sport events.

I chose to write a curiosity piece on why I think the F.C: Barcelona brand is so interesting, and my curious view on the Nike sponsorship, which in my humble understanding of the objectives of both brands, seems a bit confusing. Here I will provide the highlights and some extra video links for the readers of the column.

First on the F. C. Barcelona Brand. Relating to simple guidelines about strong brands having a clear simple promise, F. C. Barcelona stands strong with their uncompromised focus on collaboration and the Tiki Taka way of playing football. The club is building their play, talent development and organization on the power of the team. The team is everything and always much bigger than the individual. And having Messi onboard this is quite a claim.

Tiki Taka

This idea is greater than football. It is a mindset, a belief and religion. And this makes the club appeal to someone like me, not even that keen on football. But I believe in the Idea.

Tiki Taka

This position is very different from e.g. Real Madrid which is, in many evil tongues, build on buying fame and stars and the performance and will to victory from the individual. Also a strong clear position of victory and success, but very different from the warmth of the FCB brand.

And from this difference the curiosity towards the sponsorship goes. FCB equals The Team and building results and talents from scratch and in the idea. Real Madrid equal the collection of the best, when they are at their best, and the power of being able to do that.

Looking at Nike, the platform authentic, athletic, performance is strongly build on individual performance and victory. Where Adidas is the team brand build and stuff bigger and sports. Lifestyle, Culture and being All in.

So why is Nike sponsoring FCB, and Adidas Real Madrid?

Adidas ought to be the perfect match for FCB and Nike being almost the perfect fit for Real Madrid. Assuming that all four brands are quite content with their brand position and not trying to cross over.

I do not have the answer, but this really is really food for thought.



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