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Facebook makes it easier for businesses to encourage check-ins

How can we make the customers check-in on Facebook at our venues, stores or activities? In an era with focus on NPS we struggle to find the key to make the consumer talk about our brand. Many brands struggle with the conflict that, even the consumers that are positive about “would recommend to others” in research – in real life don’t really actually recommend anything. There is a long way from wanting to recommend – to actually promoting brands and services.

Facebook is right now testing a new service which makes it easier for small business to encourage check-ins, which is a small – but in these day interesting – step toward making people share and talk – not just say they would.

By making it possible for small business offering free wifi to activate this service through check-ins at the venue, it gives the consumer the benefit of surpassing the sometimes (often) ridiculous complicated log-in formulas. And as the service has been spotted by developers in the Page Insight tool, perhaps it gives the businesses opportunity to collect (rich) data on their users? At least we know that the idea is that after you access the free Facebook Wifi through check-in it will take you directly to the business’ Facebook page.

Matt Brian from The Next Web write about this and the win-win situation. They just perhaps forget the privacy issues that could be a dilemma for the success of this service.



One thought on “Facebook makes it easier for businesses to encourage check-ins

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