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Students creating better education for themselves

I am very proud to be Patron of SAMS, the Danish Student Organization of Media and Communication Students in Denmark. I am proud to have been chosen. But I am even more proud of the students driving this amazing initiative – well organized, successful and innovative – all by themselves.

And in the light of the negotiations of the fiscal budgets of the nation going on right now, I sometimes end up worried about the future of the Danes. The discourse of many people is all about rights and demands. The people in need, but indeed also the people just not willing to cut back on the unrealistic standards of the economic peak in the middle of the 00’ties. The negotiations went well and were closed sunday, but when asking the regular Dane about it, it seems like the state is not any longer expected to provide a safety system for the people in need, but is demanded to carry you through life. The retorics are all about how the state will fix our problems – not how it has to empower and enable us to solve the problems of the country and our own life. As Obama said, very well, in his victory speech after the 2012 election in the (very) early morning of the 7th november;

“But that doesn’t mean your work is done. The role of citizens in our democracy does not end with your vote. America’s never been about what can be done for us; it’s about what can be done by us together, through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self-government. That’s the principle we were founded on.” (Election Speech Transcript NY Times).

And even more powerful said by JFK in the famous 1961 inauguration speech; Ask Not.

Exactly this self-government, empowerment, motivation and entrepreneurship is the key stones of SAMS, where all the negative perspective about education are put aside in favor of initiative. Yes, there is fewer hours of lecture, fewer internships, fewer jobs after graduation. But instead of focusing on pity and demands, they created their our student organisation aimed at bridging the students with the businesses and organisations increasing job and intern possibilities in the future. Even more they are building a stronger network students between – so the capabilities and potential for these educations will get more attention everywhere.

This is really an initiative where students create better education for fellow students in the field of media and communications. SAMS is an organization based on voluntary work, passion and a curiosity to meet the world outside school already before graduation.

Just this month they are hosting events like Agency Day where the students can visit different kinds of agencies and get a view into job possibilities and agency life, a visit behind the scenes at DR (Danish Broadcasting corporation), and the famous Battle of the Researchers (ForskerFight) where teachers from the University is joining a battle on knowledge and dissemination. All is driven, hosted and arranged by students reaching out for the world of practice to bridge life in the university with the world after graduation. And the cost of joining is only 50 DKK (10€) for the entire student lifetime.  

Dear SAMS students, you make me believe in better education in the future. Not driven by the head counts in administration, budgets, facilities or test results – but by passion, motivation, the curiosity of learning and by fellow students taking lead on innovation and job creation. Not only for themselves but for fellow students. If this attitude and engagement where applied to the discussions of job creation generally, I think Denmark would be so much better of.

Sammenslutningen af medie- og kommunikationsstuderende



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