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Consumer trends after the crisis

Even though this TED Talk by the brand strategist John Gerzema is from 2009 it is still highly relevant. We have still not seen the final impact of the financial crisis on consumerism. In a speedy, but inspiring TEDx Talk, he gives his take on four consumer trends being a consequence of the crisis.

Four consumer trends after the financial crisis

All trends focused on delivering brands and products that lasts, durable consumption, re-usage, focus on community and collaboration and the liquid life where the consumer is free and active.

The talk is focused on the positive attitude that crisis equals opportunities. I like that very much and it also raises the bar. It is not durable to apply thinking developed 10 years ago to understand the consumer of today. It takes time, thought and continues curiosity to keep up with the mind of the consumer.



2 thoughts on “Consumer trends after the crisis

  1. It’s is indeed still relevant. If you get the time you should read the book he co-wrote: “Spend Shift”. It looks at some data on the change in consumption after the crisis and proved that the crisis was not the primary reason to a change in consumption; people were just tired of (over)spending. So it looks like this talk was part of that idea. We’ve looked at some of the Danish BAV data to see if the same is true in Denmark (http://goo.gl/oSfaA). Without having spend enough time on it to make it 100% valid, it still points to some of the same findings as he found in the US.

    Posted by Tim Fremmich Andresen | November 20, 2012, 12:07 pm

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