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A favorite from Cannes 2013 – VW – Don’t text and drive

Just sharing one of my favorites from Cannes 2013. Simple message. Well executed. See more executions and creds at I believe in Advertising Advertisements

Game of Cones on Foursquare

HBO launched this campaign based on check-ins on Foursquare. It is a bit lame and tapping a bit too much into the Game of Thrones popularity. But anyway, I love ice cream and I love Game of Thrones. So why the hell not. And though the competition has just ended you can still use the … Continue reading

Twitter and Pepsi case

It is quite rare to see campaign cases from twitter, so I just want to share this one. Though I guess the Beyonce endorsement and real benefits contributed a lot to the results.

Is Facebook reach real-time?

Socialbakers made a quick survey analyzing 1000 Facebook Pages in when the reach of posts where made. And the results showed the Facebook is working pretty much real-time. 50 % of post reach were made in 30 minutes. Visit Socialbakers to see the case.  

Second screen shopping coming up

There’s been a lot of buzz lately on the concept of working with the second screen. This is awesome – and amazing that this is now a reality. Eight years ago when I was working at Carat as Media Innovation Manager we talked a lot about the potential in mixing television with other media as … Continue reading

Vivienne Westwood against the abuse of women

Creating campaigns for a better world do not always leave us with the greatest budgets. But often this inspire us to think and create something innovative. But often it demands collaborations and a high level of creative thoughts. It is quite interesting that is is often when we see the most creative result and where … Continue reading

Hello digital wizards – 50 FWA anniversary

The talented crew at Hello Monday won their 50th FWA for the www.dieselblackgold.com site. A milestone for both Hello Monday and the danish digital industry which is (or should be) proud to have these people among us. Here’s the new site – see full creds on the FWA website They made this little film on Vimeo … Continue reading

Real size mannequins in H&M

H&M in sweden gained massive response on the internet after launching their new underwear mannequins – in sizes we aren’t used to see in stores like this. A womens rights facebook page distributed the picture with thousands of likes, shares and comments instantly. So much goodwill by just connecting with the target in a place … Continue reading

When the packaging becomes the idea

Camp Nectar wanted to prove the freshness and real-fruitness of their products and as a proof of concept they launched this campaign, which is more an experiment than really a campaign. Real fruits grown and sold in the shape of the packaging. See the full case on Pop Up City. Packaging is a key part … Continue reading

Have a WiFi break. Have a KitKat

KitKat launched a campaign contradicting the “always-on” trend with the counter-trend of being unplugged. This campaign is using technology in an unexpected way – and spot on the KitKat brand. This is truly a strong brand idea. Great work by JWT Amsterdam! Source: Amsterdam Ad Blog