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A favorite from Cannes 2013 – VW – Don’t text and drive

Just sharing one of my favorites from Cannes 2013. Simple message. Well executed. See more executions and creds at I believe in Advertising Advertisements

Game of Cones on Foursquare

HBO launched this campaign based on check-ins on Foursquare. It is a bit lame and tapping a bit too much into the Game of Thrones popularity. But anyway, I love ice cream and I love Game of Thrones. So why the hell not. And though the competition has just ended you can still use the … Continue reading

Twitter and Pepsi case

It is quite rare to see campaign cases from twitter, so I just want to share this one. Though I guess the Beyonce endorsement and real benefits contributed a lot to the results.

Second screen shopping coming up

There’s been a lot of buzz lately on the concept of working with the second screen. This is awesome – and amazing that this is now a reality. Eight years ago when I was working at Carat as Media Innovation Manager we talked a lot about the potential in mixing television with other media as … Continue reading

Vivienne Westwood against the abuse of women

Creating campaigns for a better world do not always leave us with the greatest budgets. But often this inspire us to think and create something innovative. But often it demands collaborations and a high level of creative thoughts. It is quite interesting that is is often when we see the most creative result and where … Continue reading

Hello digital wizards – 50 FWA anniversary

The talented crew at Hello Monday won their 50th FWA for the¬†www.dieselblackgold.com site. A milestone for both Hello Monday and the danish digital industry which is (or should be) proud to have these people among us. Here’s the new site – see full creds on the FWA website They made this little film on Vimeo … Continue reading

When the packaging becomes the idea

Camp Nectar wanted to prove the freshness and real-fruitness of their products and as a proof of concept they launched this campaign, which is more an experiment than really a campaign. Real fruits grown and sold in the shape of the packaging. See the full case on Pop Up City. Packaging is a key part … Continue reading

Have a WiFi break. Have a KitKat

KitKat launched a campaign contradicting the “always-on” trend with the counter-trend of being unplugged. This campaign is using technology in an unexpected way – and spot on the KitKat brand. This is truly a strong brand idea. Great work by JWT Amsterdam! Source: Amsterdam Ad Blog

Why do individualists buy the same things?

In the human struggle to define an individual identity we are always confronted with the friction between individualism and the basic fact that the human being is a social animal. In a lecture on Danskernes Akademi (The Danes’ Academy) on DR2 from 2010 the professor of Formal Philosophy¬†Vincent Hendricks talks about why an increasingly individualistic … Continue reading

Brilliant use of contextual advertising

We spend a lot of time working on how to strengthen the connection between idea, message, media and situation. To create the right connection where attention is caught in the right situation, combined with a clear message that is easy to decode, is hard work. It is often a struggle where either of the elements … Continue reading